Jan 11, 2012

In the forest...

Very rarely in December (especially if December is so-o-o rainy as this year) we have the opportunity to see the sun. But this time we were lucky with Natalia - the very morning we planned to make photoshooting turned to be very peaceful and - ta-dam! - even sunny :) (have to justify our weather - on our way back home started raining again - total greyness around).
Natalia was very courageous to suffer from cold and wind also - many thanks to her ! (by the way she didn't even caught the cold) :)


  1. :)))Lena Spasibo Tebje)))Krasivoo))) bylo holodno, no ja prjam ne zrja pomjorzla:))

  2. тебе спасибо ! :) (а сегодня день "спасибо" - да! :))


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