May 17, 2012

Santorini ! - pool party !!!

I am back here to continue sharing Santorini colors with You:)
I was so full of positive emotions after coming back, that totally forgot to tell sad story about my camera.. We moved to our 1st photo session - at the dawn - when i understood that my camera refused to read memory card !!!! It was a disaster !! The very 1st day and i was staying without any camera as i was so silly not to take another one with me (now i know - better to take more cameras You need to avoid such risks!).
Fortunately, there were kind people in our group - so i was given another camera! It's a pity that i have not tested enough my new camera as i was intended to do, but at least i stayed with pictures after coming back))
After returning back home i was told that one of the camera memory cards contacts was broken..
Hope, it will be repaired soon!

So, here is chapter II - The pool party !

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