May 29, 2012

Kau Manor - some expressions from it.

Yesterday we were taking tour on Kau Manor. Wow - pretty impressive place ! I stayed full of emotions, but can not say precisely what emotions exactly i felt - one was for sure - i really wish to go back :)
This place worth to be looked at ! As i have taken only details photos, You may have a look at the rooms interiors in Piret (Puhas rõõm) blog and also on their own website - which is not full of photos yet.

i was followed by cat for some time, he definitely wished to become friends, but forgot to change his emotions into friendly ones :)

lot of different mirrors and reflections, which i like so much..
very impressive chandelier in a form of octopus

and pleasant suprise for me - a tiny photo museum - 12 old cameras in total :)

manor dancing ghosts :) 

one of them was very alike myself :)

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